The Way in Which You Deliver…

12 May

So, this is somewhat older news, but it’s been bothering me. I don’t have a car, I’ve been looking for one, but haven’t had any luck yet. A person close to me is a mechanic, & I’ve consulted with him about what to look for, what I want, & what I want to steer clear of. Like, I know I DON’T want a snooty-falooty car (BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Cadillac, etc), I don’t want a VW (because they make them now that you have to have special VW specific tools to fix them, as opposed to all the regular tools that are out there-like a completely other set of tools that one would need to have), I obviously don’t want a car with a lot of miles on it, or major damage on it, or a salvage title…all within my price range. Shouldn’t be too hard right? It seems to be proving a bit harder than I thought. That being said, another close person to me has been acting weird lately in general. This 1 day, we were talking, & got talking about me finding a car, & how it was going. It was a nice conversation-we weren’t fighting or yelling at each other or anything like that. Out of the blue, she blurts out ‘Well, you CAN’T get a foreign car at all because of your mechanic.’ She said it in a totally confrontational, argumentative way-almost attacking me with what she said. So, I got defensive & asked why? She told me that my mechanic DOESN’T work on those types of cars…then laughs, like she was telling a joke. Now, I’ve talked to a few people about that, & the general consensus seems to be a collective WTF?! We were having a nice conversation, then that part was all ‘BLAH! I’m ANGRY!’, then she finished off laughing, like she just told the funniest joke ever…all within about a 5 minute period. Now, she doesn’t know that I already talked to said mechanic about working on foreign cars, & if he’d be opposed to me getting 1. I flat out told him I knew he probably wouldn’t be able to work on it, & that I was ok with that, that I could take it to a mutual friend who has a shop that works on foreign cars, & he said he wasn’t opposed to me getting a foreign car, other than it not being a VW, or snooty falooty car, & that depending on what it was, he very well might be able to work on it himself. So, that conversation has already been done, & settled, no problems what so ever. So, why is this other person getting all defensive about someone else having to potentially work on my future car that I don’t have? What’s it TO them? They have nothing to do with working on the car, why would it bother them? Or be an issue for THEM?! Like I said, THEY’RE not the 1 doing the work! It doesn’t even really involve them, other than we both know the mechanic. It’s not like I have to call them to get them to make an appointment with the mechanic-I would talk to the mechanic directly. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m put off with getting a car, I’m just very much leary about getting 1. I’m still looking-though not as hard core as I was before that conversation, but I’m still on the look out. That being said, I’ve seen all the wrong cars…VW’s, snooty falooty cars, cars with salvage titles or lots of mileage, cars with body work needing to be done, or hard core trucks…basically everything I am NOT looking for! So, what that conversation didn’t blow out of my sails, all the cars I seem to be finding have helped deflate. Oh well, some things are worth waiting for…


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