Neglecting One’s Job…

15 Jan

I try not to talk about my jobs, but this has been bothering me. 1 of the people I work with has not been doing a good job at our job. The job is not a hard job, our boss is very easy to work for, doesn’t ask for a lot, isn’t 1 of those hard-a** ball busters…just a very easy person to work for. But, I feel this co-worker is taking advantage of our boss. (Let me name them CW for short) We all are getting paid to be there for our boss, to help them when needed, & do what our boss wants us to do (cook meals, take them to the potty, run a quick errand now & again, keep the house clean-which isn’t normally hard to do). CW, however, is gone most of the days that they are getting paid to be there, working. I understand being gone on their days off, & not wanting to do anything work related…HOWEVER, sometimes, on days ‘off’, you sometimes have to do work related things, so a day ‘off’ isn’t really a day off all the time. I get ONE day off a week, I don’t have the luxury of having 2 days off, like most people, CW included. That being said, I still have things to do on my day off…I don’t want to, but if I don’t, they won’t get done, so I bite the bullet, & do it. Not CW, they say they’re off, & cant & don’t do anything work related. They wait until RIGHT before I am ready to leave to start their laundry, they put some of their laundry (that me or our other co-worker washes for our boss, not for CW!!) into the dirty laundry bin for our boss, which means that me or our other co-worker does some of CW’s laundry, & CW doesn’t chip in to pay for any of it, or put in for laundry soap or anything. CW is always complaining & in a bad mood about something…there is ALWAYS something! On the days that CW is SUPPOSED to be ‘at work’, if you will, they spend MOST of the day away from ‘work’. I get it, that it is tough to always be ‘at work’, & sometimes you need a break outside of work, BUT when you are getting paid to BE THERE, & you’re not…that just isn’t right. And, then, when CW IS at work, they are in a foul mood, & doesn’t do any cleaning what so ever, so our work space has gone downhill in the way of cleanliness. Our boss, unfortunately, can’t get up to do it, & tells us that it is not me & my other co-workers job to clean up after CW. If our boss was still up & around, it would be all of our jobs to share to clean up, but since the ‘mess’ is only from CW, it doesn’t fall under my co-workers or my job titles. We work for our boss, not CW. That being said, I don’t see how she can let our work space get to the point that it has gotten. CW knows what their days off are going to be (barring either me or my co-worker getting sick or hurt or whatever) in advance. They should plan ahead of time to do all the shopping (in town or out of town, or just shopping of any kind) on their day or days off. Maybe 1 day, plan to do all the shopping, then the other day off, do laundry, & cleaning up the work area or whatever needs to be done. There are so many different ways to do things, they can even do a little bit every day they ‘work’ so they just have to worry about doing things involving leaving the work area on their days off. The amount of work that needs to be done to keep our work area clean is very minimal-the work space isn’t big, it’s a very open space, so, all that really needs to be done on a regular basis is sweeping the floors, moping the areas that don’t have rugs (which is about half the floor area), vacuuming the areas with rugs, wiping down the counters, table & stove, keeping up on the dishes, dusting the other areas, & doing laundry (which me or my other co-worker usually do). As far as working goes, it’s very simple. Plus, taking care of our boss, like I said, isn’t hard. Our boss is very flexible. Our boss tells us when their hungry, what they want to eat, when they have to go to the bathroom, if anything needs to be done (shopping, going to the bank, refilling prescriptions, filling their prescription holder for the week…). There’s usually gaps of time in between these tasks where we are idle…BUT we are THERE, waiting, in case our boss happens to need us (like when they have to go potty or poop, things that aren’t part of a set schedule…you have to go when you get the urge).

That is another thing. CW gets really upset when our boss gets the urge. CW acts all bent out of shape, like it comes at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME for CW. As if our boss having to go potty at that exact moment was planned by our boss, knowing that CW was busy, & that it is SUCH an inconvenience to CW to take that MAYBE 10 minutes out of that moment to do CW’s job. That is what we are getting paid for. That is clearly stated in our job description. We get an updated job description every year, stating what we are expected to do for our boss…it is literally there in black & white. If CW has a problem with it, maybe they should seek other employment…that being said, they will NEVER find another job like this 1. CW will be in for a very rude awakening if & when they get another job. Not everyone is so easy going as our boss. I feel like CW has gotten comfortable, so CW doesn’t realize how much they have going for them. They have a roof over their head, food in the kitchen, clothes on their back, a steady paying job…not to mention some perks like having internet, cable, & a phone. In some countries, that would be considered living like royalty…& here CW is, complaining, in a bad mood, abusing the job (if you will)…& just plain acting ungrateful. Ok, so maybe CW has a couple of health issues, BUT, they’re still alive, & it’s not like these issues are really inhibiting CW’s life! It’s not like they had to have a cast on their arm, or really limiting their life physically. I know people who have it way worse & don’t complain period, let alone as much as CW. I get down on myself just like anyone else does, I have my bad days, my grumpy moments just like anyone else. BUT those don’t rule my life, like they seem to do with CW. I am by no means an optimist, BUT I am not a constant downer like CW is. From the moment they wake up in the morning, to when they go to bed at night, EVERYTHING is horrible, EVERYTHING is doom & gloom, & poor me…there is NOTHING good in CW’s world. Like I said, they have a roof over their head, food to eat, clothes on their back, a paying job, & friends…as far as things go, how much better can things get?!

All this negativity seems to be hard to get away from. I feel like I am ALWAYS surrounded by a black bubble of negativity all the time. It gets very tiring, & very taxing. I always feel tired, drained, depleted. I have been holing myself up, taking time for myself, away from all the negative vibes, which has helped some. Anyway, That seems to be all for now…


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