Shit Hitting the Fan? Or Fireworks?

1 Oct

That is the question of the hour…or maybe of the week. So, this person from my last post has been bugging the crap out of me-texting me, then when I don’t answer literally within 1 minute, they start texting me a line of question marks, or will start using my full name…like, WHAT!? I am busy, you KNOW I am busy. I take care of multiple children at a time, or I am at my other job, which I can’t always answer back immediately. I’ve already gotten yelled at by this person because I ‘never’ answer my phone for her. Mind you, at the time in question, I was driving in another town with my friend, following her mom to go to lunch-I didn’t know how to get to the restaurant, so I was following her mom so we wouldn’t get lost. She literally left me a voicemail where she was actually YELLING at me through the phone about how I never answer her when she calls, & she needed me to swing by her house to check on something. After that message, I didn’t call her back, I was so upset. A few days later, when she brought it up, I started yelling back at her, telling her I was not only out of town, BUT I was driving (!!!), as well as following my friends mom because I didn’t know the way we were going, & THAT was why I couldn’t answer her TWO phone calls that day. I answer MOST of the times she has called me, both before & since then. I only don’t answer when I am driving, in a movie, or at work. Or if I’m in the bathroom or something…but there’s a good reason I don’t answer it! After I was done, she was all like ‘oh…’ & let it go.

So, back to the question. There is an event going on, not necessarily ‘out’ of town, but kind of on the outskirts of town that she is invited to, as well as a couple of other family members. 1 of the family members, whom this person usually asks for a ride with (because god forbid SHE actually drive out of town), hasn’t asked this person how they are getting there, nor offered to give this person a ride. This person has not asked for a ride either. The family member doesn’t feel it is their responsibility to check in on this person to see if they have a ride, nor are they going to broach the subject. I have to kind of agree with this person. Said person is not this person’s child or responsibility, said person does not answer to this person, so why should said person think that this person will drive said person everywhere? I must say, I am a bit exasperated with said person, & them always expecting any 1 of us to drop everything we’re doing for said person; or for said person to assume that because I or ‘we’ (me & other people) are going somewhere (out of town or otherwise), that said person is automatically invited, & that we are already planning for said person to go with us. I feel like telling said person that ‘WE’ (or I) are going somewhere, NOT said person included. It is a very precarious balance beam I feel I am on. Said person is technically family, BUT within that, they have made it so I don’t want to tell them I am going anywhere, then when they’re like ‘when did you get that?’ or ‘where did you get that?’ I can say I got it at target or wherever & it has already happened, therefore, there’s not a thing that can be done. That being said, a couple of times, I’ve been out of town shopping, & said person has called me. At that point, I can’t deny it because they can obviously tell I am at a store, & if I say I’m at a store in town, said person can easily show up at that store & immediately call my bluff. So, when I tell them, said person immediately acts like I’m a horrible person because I didn’t not only invite said person, but also drive them. It just seems so ridiculous that at this point in their life, that they can’t just decide to go themselves, then actually *gasps* GO. What a concept, I know. But, seriously, this person has nothing else to do all day (other than maybe clean their house…but who doesn’t have that), they have the money, a car, gas…& according to them, they know how to get there…& even if they didn’t, they have a cell phone, which has the internet & GPS. What is stopping them?!?!?!

Anyway, I am going to be captivated by the drama show that seems to be my life & world as of lately, especially now. So, lets see what fireworks will happen in the near future…everyone be safe out there-everyone has lost their ever loving minds!


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