Annoying People With Drama…

26 Sep

Does anyone else have those people in their lives that just butt into everything, acting like they know everything, but in reality, they don’t know what’s going on? They always have an opinion, always cause drama, even though they claim they don’t do the drama thing, but they open their big mouths & put their foot right in their mouths, & actually act surprised when drama lands flat in their lap?! Like they have no clue how it all happened, they were just the poor innocent bystander, & WHAP! Drama just landed right there at their doorstep.Oh, & what about if you (god forbid!!) don’t answer their phone call or text because you were *gulp* busy, I don’t know, maybe driving, or doing your job, & they get pissed at you, or use your full name, like you’re in trouble for something.

Everything in the last paragraph was about ONE person in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love this person, BUT *OMG*. And then, if they happen to hear you making plans with someone to go out of town, they automatically butt in & invite themselves along before you even know they entered the conversation. I can’t tell you how many times me & my sister &/or friend & had been making plans to go out of town to a store (target or the like), & she immediately inserts herself into going…Mind you, we weren’t even talking to her at all, she was talking to other people. Oh, but because we were going, that automatically meant that she was invited & going as well. A couple of times, I had to tell her she couldn’t go with me, because my car was already full with people going with me. OMG, she pretty much threw a fit. HELLO! She has a car, a license, money, & (now that she is retired) the time to go…AND go at her pace, at her leisure (when it suits her), where she wants to go. After all, she’s all talk-she KNOWS where to go, she KNOWS how to get there…So, alright, GO THEN! Oh, but you tell HER that? Then she turns into a blubbering fish, & immediately changes her story-all of a sudden she CAN’T go…yeah, why not? Anytime we go, she can fill up the tank of gas, get what she wants, treat me/us to a meal…so what is stopping her? If she goes herself, if she doesn’t want to eat out, she doesn’t have to, or if she does, she’s just paying for herself.

One time, my 2 friends & I were planning to go to the mall to go Christmas shopping, & of course she invited herself along. Well, she automatically assumed she’d be in the front seat all the time. The day that we had planned to go, I had to work till 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so we weren’t leaving at the butt crack of dawn (like what she’d WANTED to do), AND I told her from the get go that this was the ONE day I was going shopping for my all of my Christmas presents, SO it wasn’t like I was going for 1 or 2 things & then I’d be done. I had a lot of things I had to get from all over the mall, so I’d be a while. She said OK, that she was ok with that. Well, we get there, & after about an hour or so (by now, it was like 6:30 or so by the time I got her, got my friends, & then got to the mall), she starts texting me, asking me where I am, if I’m done, how much longer it was going to be, then calling me, asking how much more I had to do. OMG she was driving me bananas! I finally told her that I was still shopping, I was going to be a while, & that I had TOLD her that I was not going to be done quick when we got there. Even my friends were like WTF? By the time we left, it was like 7:30 or 8 that night, & she was complaining because she was up so late. I don’t know why she was complaining, she didn’t have to work the next day! AND she got a free ride to the mall, all she had to spend was on the things she bought. NEVER AGAIN!

And, god forbid we say we’re going to go to the bookstore. She’s always like ‘do we HAVE to?’, like it’s SUCH an inconvenience! Then, she starts putting stipulations on it before we even leave. She’s like ‘now don’t stay at the bookstore all day, I want to get to the store at a reasonable hour & get home before it gets too late’. Mind you, I am driving her a**. Ok, so sometimes it might be in her car, that she fills up the tank of gas, & depending, might get me or us a meal, BUT, if she wasn’t going with us, we’d be going anyway in our own car. BUT, she’s got to push herself in the middle of it, practically FORCE us to take her car, because she just filled up the tank to go…News flash, we live in the land of the free, I don’t HAVE to take your car!

It seems like she loves to butt in & give HER version of a story just because she is in the vicinity of a conversation-whether it was warranted or not. Like if someone asks ‘oh I wonder what happened with so & so?’ Oh, she will jump right in & offer a story about what REALLY happened, because she was there, &/or the person confided in her about it. It doesn’t matter if she was there or not, she still KNOWS what happened. More times than not, she was NOT there, AND doesn’t have a clue as to what happened. BUT, for some reason, she feels she HAS to act like she has to outdo everyone else in the room-like she has to know more than anyone else, almost like she has to prove herself, prove her worth to the group that she is talking to. She doesn’t seem to grasp that she doesn’t know everything. In all honesty, they could’ve been asking about a person that was more of an acquaintance of her at the time, a friend of a friend, AND she really doesn’t know what happened. Oh, but she’ll tell the story (most of the time, she is totally off base with the story, it’s usually about something completely different AND unrelated to what was asked about). It’s one thing if she said I *think* this is what happened, but I’m not sure, but she jumps in the deep end with it & is adamant that her story is what happened. In doing this, she’s pissed some people off. Then, since telling this story, she’s talked about that conversation, & is now saying that she told a different story than the story she reportedly told that night. AND, she is acting upset that someone is pissed off at her for basically telling a tall tale & putting this other person in a potentially bad position with said group of friends. She doesn’t get that she is in the wrong by butting in & essentially telling a lie.

She can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact that just because someone she knows is talking about something, or are going somewhere, that she isn’t necessarily invited into that conversation, or invited to go on that trip. Like, just because *I* am going to Target, does NOT mean that she is going to Target WITH me. If I ASK her if she wants to come along, that is a different story. BUT, if I’m planning to go with someone else, & don’t say anything TO her, asking her to go, then she has no reason to go along with me. I think that is a big part of her problem-she doesn’t know boundaries. She thinks that just because 1 of us is going, or a group of us is going, that automatically means she is going too. I can’t tell you how many times we (meaning my parents, sisters & myself) have made plans to go on a trip, or go to the mall or target or something ON OUR OWN (interpretation: JUST us, NOT anyone else, like her), she automatically thinks she’s going too, & immediately inserts herself into the equation, & asks when were leaving, when should she be here. Then, when we bring up the fact that it was just going to be *our* family, she comes back with ‘Well, I am part of your family’…yes, she is part of our family in the general sense, BUT not in the sense that we were talking about. She can’t seem to grasp her head around that concept either. I think a lot has to do with the fact that her parents would always make my dad take her along with a lot of things, & so now, she thinks that it is like that all the time.


Anyway, I am going to call it quits so I don’t just keep re-hashing the same thing over & over again.


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