Bah Humbug!!

27 Dec

Well, I survived the holidays…well, half of them anyway. I had to work today, I got off, & in helping the person I live with clean the kitchen, I get yelled at. Then, another person I live with is on 1 of those rampages where they keep asking the same question over & over again. A visitor is being an idiot-saying to be careful, because that’s how accidents happen…really Einstein? FYI-no matter how careful you are, an accident can still happen to you!! I am a safe driver, yet, I’ve gotten rear ended twice, AND backed into once. Hasn’t stopped me from driving. That doesn’t stop them from driving (to which they’re a scary driver, not to mention they don’t drive out of town), or operating an oven or microwave, or a tv, or going to the movies, or anything else.

I am in a major ‘mood’ right now, where I don’t want to be around anybody. I feel like Ebeneizer Scrooge-everthing pisses me off, everyone seems to be pissing me off. I was totally fine until I got home & in helping a person I live with, & pretty much getting a bad attitude. They didn’t really yell at me, but it was an asinine attitude, like THEY were in the bad attitude, started taking it out on me, to which I just walked out. I really don’t need that kind of attitude when I am trying to help!! It’s not like I wasn’t helping or anything. It was like a slap in the face. That person seems to be in a constant state of a bad attitude lately, which is REALLY grating on my nerves on top of everything else going on. It’s gotten to the point that I dread going home because I don’t know how this person is going to be when I get home. I just hate being around this person because they just radiate their bad attitude & annoyance over everything…It literally comes off them in waves, & god forbid you ask them a question-they’ll practically bite your head off, or ask for help-you’ll get that huff, & they’ll slam everything, & being harsher than needed, & when you ask them whats wrong, they’ll practically yell ‘nothing’ at you. Being around the people I live with is a constant battle, which is making me want to become a hermit crab more & more. I just want some peace & calm & quiet. No fights, no one in a bad attitude, nobody snapping at me for something someone else did, noone bitching at me about someone else…none of that crap. I almost want to pull my hair out because of all this. I don’t think they realize how much their actions & words affect me, even if it’s not directed at me, I can still FEEL their bad mood, I can hear their angry words at each other, & I can FEEL their animosity! It really wears me down. I’m not a loner per say, but I don’t like that feeling of being in a tornado of people fighting & being in bad moods, or being around people who don’t like me or don’t want me around. I get it that people don’t always get along & I’m ok with that, BUT when they’re ALWAYS fighting, ALWAYS bickering, ALWAYS in a bad mood…THAT is what really gets to me. Maybe they should take some time away from each other, calm down, get to a better place, then come back with a new attitude. I am tired of all this, I’m tired of having this black cloud over my living space all the time, it’s like there’s no happiness to be found. How can they not be tired of that as well, & how can they not want to get to a better place where they are happy, not mad & angry all the time. It makes no sense to me-their bad mood gets me in a bad mood & I hate being in a bad mood, even while I’m in it!

Anyway, Hope everyone has had a good Christmas, Channukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate.


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