20 Sep

These last few days, I have had what feels like a constant headache. I can only seem to get rid of it for short bits of time, & only with help, i.e. aspirin, tylenol etc. I am not one who usually takes medication if I don’t absolutely have to, but between this headache period, on top of it being almost non stop, I feel like I have been less tolerant of things around me. People have been pissing me off more lately, I’ve been a little more short than normal, I’ve been isolating myself away in my room because it’s either that or I go on a yelling rampage yelling at EVERY one-& TRUST ME, you DON’T want that! I feel like I’ve been on the verge of going off on someone, anyone, literally at any second, for any reason.

Well, today, that almost happened, twice…within about 5 minutes! A certain person was being even more of an idiot than normal, THAN was trying to fight about it like they were right, when they were clearly wrong. A mass email was sent to both of us, plus other people. There is 2 people (many more actually, but to avoid confusing you even more, lets just leave it at these 2) that have close first names, both have the same last name, both married into the family. Well, ONE of them sent the email to us, & had mentioned another member of the family that is on their side, then ended it with their & their significant other’s name. Well, the certain person from the beginning of the paragraph thought it was the other person, because this person clearly doesn’t know how to read, & was asking me if I had gotten a message from them. Well, first, this person asked if I had gotten the message from the wrong person on facebook. I said no, that person isn’t on facebook. This person replied that it was in her email…2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!!! I’m not a mind reader, I don’t know what this person is trying to tell me-I don’t think this person even know what they’re trying to say! So, then the story changes & they’re saying it was an email sent out to everybody (so obviously I must’ve gotten it, right?) I said no, I didn’t get an email from that person, that I had gotten 1 from the other person, & this person went on to fight with me on it. I even went so far as to pull it up, read it out loud to everyone that was there, this person even brought up on their phone & showed it to another person who was here-who even said it was the other person, NOT the person they were saying, & even noted that, at the bottom, it was signed from that person & their significant other! This person kept trying to fight with me on it, to which THEY were proven wrong.

Then, speaking of names, we got talking about people using other names, & this same person said that a certain person they know, they only knew by 1 name, & that was that persons ONLY name because that was the only way this person knew them as…HELLO!!! I have a nickname for this person, that is the only way I know this person. Another friend of ours goes by their middle name, which this person did not know because this person only knew them by their middle name. How many people do we know go by nicknames? Ok, so if your full name is like, Kenneth, & you go by Ken, or Kenny, that sort of thing doesn’t count in this. I can even discount if your name is like Michelle, & you go by Micky, or Shelly…that type of thing. But if your name is like Michelle, & you go by Birdie or something completely unrelated to your name, or like I said about that friend, if you go by your  middle name, that is what we were talking about. This person was saying that they only knew this person by the name that they called them…BUT that doesn’t mean that that is their real, given name, JUST because you call them that, doesn’t mean that is their name! Just because that is all that YOU know them as, doesn’t mean that that is their name. All this person had to say was that the only name they knew this other person by was what they always called them, but instead they had to fight, whether it was to get the upper hand & try to be right, I don’t know, but they only caused a fight, made people mad, & looked even more like an idiot. If & when I am wrong, I will admit it. If & when I don’t know for sure about something, I will say so! Like if someone comes up & asks me how old somebody is, or whatever & I do not know for sure, I will say, I don’t know! I won’t try to fight it just to make a point, & to try to be right-If I don’t know, then I don’t know! If you do ask me something, & I DO know the answer, I will tell you…SO if I’m giving you an answer, it means I know the answer.

I just don’t see how people can fight so strongly over something they are wrong over. I am not talking about varying thoughts & things that can change, things that aren’t changeable, like the main colors. Blue will always be blue, you can certainly fight over the varying shades etc, but blue is blue. Like, that person is that person, not to be confused with me or with any other person. They may have similar names, similar hair colors, similar body shapes, etc, but they’re 2 different people! The name difference could be as close as Michelle & Marchelle, or John & Juan (even though I know that Juan is the hispanic form of John…), or Sylvia & Sophia, the list goes on! There is even the father-son with the same name…try not to get them confused! I guess the moral to this story is to have some humility, a little goes a long way! If you’re right, ok, but if you’re wrong, own up to it! DON’T keep trying to fight for the wrong (literally!) side! There is nothing wrong with being wrong-trying to keep up a fight over something that you are wrong over & you keep trying to prove it right is the wrong way to go!!!


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