As Close to a Come to Jesus Moment As I’ll Ever Come…

28 Aug

So, this morning, me & a family member had a good talk…that is, a good, uninterrupted, grown up talk. AND, a real shocker here, they said the same thing that I’ve been saying for a while. We were talking about weight & wanting to loose weight, & they said that it may not have been completely our fault that we are this way. I will be the first to say that it is partly my fault, but when you are 4 years old, & a person of authority in your life is constantly telling you to eat eat eat. No matter what you say, (you can say no, and/or I am not hungry as many times as you want!), it makes no difference. Even if you say I’m not hungry, they’ll say ‘well, I made this, you can’t waste food!’ Yes, god forbid you put it in a bowl, cover it & save it for tomorrow… Or they’ll say they made it for me….ok, well, save it for tomorrow. After I got off of school, they had almost a whole meal made FOR me, than I was expected to go home & have dinner at home…Then, at home, there’s a big dinner as well…It’s a no win situation. So, like we agreed upon, it was not completely our fault.

It felt good to have an honest conversation that toes did not get stepped on. Neither of us were rude or uncivil or belittling. With other people in my family, I feel like I can’t talk to them about a majority of things because this person gets VERY protective & defensive, & combative, & doesn’t always stop to think of a way to say something to not come off as offensive, or think of the tone they are saying that in so as to not offend the person they are talking to, then acts like they’re all innocent & can’t figure out for the life of them why the person got offended. Yes, it was the truth, BUT the way they delivered it wasn’t in the greatest fashion. Take me for example. I am overweight, I need to loose weight, I know I need to loose weight. Said person would turn to me, & harshly tell me ‘You need to loose weight.’ Well, THANK you for clarifying that! And telling me something I don’t already know! BUT, I am not the only person in the family who is overweight & who needs to loose weight. God forbid you say that back to this person! That’ll start an argument right quick. Instead of saying that we all need to loose weight in a more caring way, they decide to try to offend me & make me act all offensive. Then, go from that to someone else I live with who will talk your ear off, as well as every other body part you can think of. Then, from this person, you will get the spiel of a lifetime. You’ll get the ‘We all need to loose weight, I am not talking to only you, I know I have to too. We all need to go out for a walk, even if it’s only down the street & back, as long as we get out & walk.’ THEN, everything falls flat. Not only are we not eating better, but we’re also not going walking…well, at least not that person! I am here & there, but at least its something! The last time me & 1 other person went for a small walk, this person was supposed to go with us, made it about 1/4 of the way, then turned & went back…but if I were to do that, I would NEVER hear the end of it! How come I didn’t walk? That’s why I am so overweight, because I don’t exercise, blah blah blah. But, anyone else does that? not a word! Then, when the other person asks us to go on a walk with them, person #2 (the yapper) looks at me, smacks me on the arm, & says go ahead….UHHH…you can go too! You’re the one who’s always saying we need to get out & exercise, eat better & all that…but then, you don’t go for a walk, don’t make any move to get better food, make better choices…& then, they are THE FIRST 1 to nominate YOU  to go for a walk every darn time! Even if you’re sick, or have a bad stomach ache & have to stay near the bathroom. THEN, you call them out on it, then oh it’s hilarious, they were just making a joke…ha ha ha! SOOOO hilarious!

And then, there is the aunt! I don’t know what is with her lately, but it is really annoying! Yesterday, she was pissed off over EVERY single thing that crossed her path! God forbid there are dishes in the sink, the dishwasher is broken, then there isn’t enough silverware for her liking, or she’s pissed because there isn’t a towel in the kitchen, or the towel in the bathroom is on the wrong hook (according to her-but it isn’t her house!), or the garbage can is JUST about full, & noone took it out…Well, hello idiot!! FIX IT! Clean the dishes yourself! Fix the goddamn dishwasher your damn self! Then, a talk amongst grownups (with her assumed to be a grown up) turned to sex…oh my goodness! She came into the house, completely grossed out because they were talking about sex…She was seriously acting like a 12-year-old little girl about sex…or any topic NEAR sex (tampons is another subject) & she turns into a naive pre-teen. It just baffles me that, despite the fact that she is almost in her mid 60’s, she is still a virgin, never had a boyfriend, (only been on a couple of dates), never pleasured herself, & probably has only been chicken peck kissed maybe once or twice. Oh, but you talk to her & she knows all this stuff…yeah, just start talking about sex stuff, & she can & will prove herself wrong! I just do not get how, in her situation (being a naive virgin, has never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never pleasured herself), she hasn’t done any of that stuff. She’s only been on a few dates. A friend of hers invited her to a pleasure party-completely surprised me when she told me, as I knew what it was-& I asked her if she was going? She said yes, it sounded fun…I swear, I looked at her & laughed. My dad did as well. Even HE knew what it was!!! She asked us what we were laughing about, I asked her back if she was planning about buying anything. She gave me a clueless look, & asked what she would buy. I asked her why she would go to a party like that when she can even talk about sex…She gaped at me, & asked what a pleasure party had to do with sex…I looked at her & asked her flat out if she knew what a pleasure party was, then we had to explain it to her…She also swears up & down that she used tampons before & that they didn’t work on her…come to find out that she just took the tampon & applicator out of the package, put it in like that & didn’t eject the tampon out of the applicator…so they kept slipping out of her…well, DUH!!! For your information, I am rolling my eyes over here & shaking my head. Her stupidity & naivette seem to know no bounds…

Anyway, this was going to be a shorter post, but I guess I got carried away…again…Hope you all have a great night!


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