Pop-Ups, Go Away!

5 Jan

So, I’ve been web surfing lately (let’s just say I don’t have enough coordination to do the real surfing thing),  & man have there been a crap ton of pop ups popping up everywhere! Is this happening with anyone else? I never used to get anywhere NEAR this amount of popups! Maybe a few here & there, but now, anything I click on, a blank area (when I clicked in the box to start typing HERE!), pop ups popping up everywhere!!! What gives? I haven’t changed my settings, but with all this happening, I’ve gone back in to my settings, changed it, changed it back, restarted….Nothing does the trick! Its really quite annoying!

So, I’ve been reading the ‘This Man’ trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I must say, I am surprised that I am so into it. I am not usually into the erotic romance, or into english authors or stories set in England or other countries, but I can’t seem to put this trilogy down! The main male character in this series is very demanding & quite challenging! I don’t know what the female lead sees in him sometimes. When he is attentive & sweet, I can see it, but most of the time he is overbearing, demanding & dictatorial. For some reason, I can’t seem to put the books down. I am almost done with the 2nd book, & my goodness! I have been having an internal war about him! I have been internally yelling at him, yelling at her to leave him & never go back…but then feel horrible because that devastates him. It’s really rather confusing at times!

A certain someone has been PMS’ing…& to say they should not have anything to do with PMS is understatement. I am not sure what their problem is, but I, myself, am just trying to get back to a normal state given all the commotion & distress I’ve been going through the last like 2 months. I just want that quiet, boring life right now, with no fighting, no last minute changes, no crazy people acting like they’re the boss, no drama! But up pops this person being all PMS’ing over the little things that would not normally bother them! I am finding it best to just stick to my room with the door closed. Not necessarily ignoring them, but just giving me space so I don’t have to be subjected to all the drama that I am trying so hard to get away from. I haven’t heard anything from my boss about the quacker. The quacked was supposed to be gone on the 1st, & I haven’t heard anything so I hope that means good news….no news is good news right? Lets all hope!

Sometimes I feel like some people are so cocky, imperious, conceited & vain, I can’t believe I actually know them! I can’t stand those types of people! It’s 1 thing if they have a lot of money or are really smart but don’t act like it-like they’re humble & modest! But to flaunt it, & bring it up at every chance you get, to keep pushing it out to everybody…I can’t stand that! A person I know has a boss who is like that. The boss should not have a position of authority. I am not sure how the person got the position in the first place! The person has never held a position of authority in any capacity, so why would someone hire them directly into a position of authority? Sadly enough, I know I just said I don’t know why, but I do know the reason. The boss above them wanted a person of a certain caliber, & pushed this person through, & didn’t follow correct protocol, then a few months later, left that position above my friends boss. I guess I don’t know why or how the people above that person let them get away with it. To say my friends boss has done nothing important or good is an understatement! This person comes from a completely different background than where they are managing, they have no clue how to do the job or be a manager. It’s just mind blowing that I get fired from my job for no reason, & they get hired into a position they have no training for, in an area they have not ever worked in. Now, they are trying to feed filet mignon & all this expensive grownup things to young kids proverbially speaking.

I might not be a world traveller or anything like that, but so many things in this world just baffle me. Not all of it in a good way either…Anyway, I have a book & trilogy to finish, & I have to read 50 Shades of Grey again before the movie comes out…so to end this on a good note (FINALLY!!), I can’t wait for the movie! Squee!


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