Don’t Let It Burn a Hole In Your Pocket…

23 Feb

Or just because you have it, doesn’t mean you should spend/use it…Crazy things have been bothering me lately. Especially where a certain someone is concerned. Like, for example, 1 day, when we got home from work, we asked my dad how his day went, & he was like ‘eh, it was ok’. So we asked what happened? did anything go wrong or anything? Our friend was over, & immediately jumped in & was like ‘you don’t have to ask him anything, you don’t have to ask him about his day,’ then turns to him & says he doesn’t have to answer us. WTF??? 1-it was a conversation between me & my dad…2-it had nothing to do with said friend! We weren’t talking to said friend at all…like I said, it was a convo between me & my father…I speak, he speaks, I speak, he speaks etc. Said friend had nothing to do with the conversation…so why was he butting in? Not to mention that if any one of us did that to him when he was talking to someone else, he would read us the riot act!!!

Then, said friend can’t seem to make up his mind!! I had a temp job (& still do, now it is on call)…well, first off, said friend made it sound like he didn’t think I could do it…stating blindly that it was going to be a hard job-before I even started the job! Then, when the temp part was over & I went to on call, things changed & I was asked to do the job in a different capacity. Well, at that time, it was still in talks, & things still needed to be ironed out. Well, said friend got all over bearing father on me, which said friend is not my dad. Well, now that I am still on call (due to my decision thank you), he keeps asking me if I’ve worked for on call person lately, & he’s acting like I made the wrong decision in keeping 1 job (where he thinks I don’t get paid) over another job. He has been acting very weird lately to say the least. He’s also been spending money on things I think (& I’m not alone in this thinking) that he should not be spending his money on (preferably things that need to be fixed up, thus requiring more of his money to be spent, rather than already in working order)…Then, that’s been making him act very shady with everything & everyone else. 1 night while he was over here having dinner, he got mad at my dad who was joking with him over something that would never have bothered him otherwise, & he just up & left…

I know I am not his parent or guardian, so I am in no position to tell him what to do period, & the same goes for him to me, BUT I can’t say I’d make the same decisions he has been making. Not to mention he’s been all over the place in everything he’s been doing lately. Like, he didn’t want me to stay at the 1 job because he had a bad feeling about it or whatever, (& that had no hinderance on me making the decision to stay or leave that job), but then he gets on my case because I am ‘not working’ (even though I am, but he doesn’t see it as a job), & I should have gone with that other job no matter what. I feel like telling him it can’t be both ways!!! He’s not making any sense-he’s saying to leave that job, but then now he’s saying I should have taken it! You can’t have your cake & eat it too!!! He’s getting to be very contradictory & it is getting VERY annoying!

Then, on top of that, there’s been no shortage of drama everywhere else. Between little things, to people being/getting sick & having to go to the hospital (which recently, since I have been in the hospital soooo much over the last almost 2 years, is the LAST place I want to be), to people passing away, then just the holiday family drama. Lately, ALL I’ve wanted to do is just crawl under a rock, or find a deserted island & just hide out there for a while. I feel like I really need a vacation away from life! Things have just been so hectic on top of all the drama on top of things changing at a seconds notice…I don’t want to say ‘don’t worry if I disappear for a few weeks’ because with the way my luck has been lately, it wouldn’t be anything good…How about I say I’ll let you know if I’m headed for a vacation?


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