What Else Could Go Wrong?

8 Feb

Oh my word!!! I feel as if EVERYthing is going wrong!!! We’ve officially entered into a drought. Cars have been breaking down, getting flat tires, just needing new tires in general (from normal wear & tear), radiator leaking, battery dying, cars not starting, items being stolen, people getting sick, going to the emergency room, hospital stays, surgeries, me getting called in to work, Ang getting called into work, me forgetting that I had to work, people just acting weirder than normal. I want to find a big huge fallout shelter & go underground for a bit…just to get away!!! There has been sooo much drama lately!!! I have a headache before I even start thinking of it all!!! There hasn’t been enough time in the day to do even half of the things I WANT to do!! It just never ends, there is no down time to just stop, take a deep breath & relax! There is ALWAYS something! 


Cars around us seem to be going on strike. My dads has something or other wrong with the front axle or something, then his battery died. My sister’s needed new tires. The car I’ve been driving, the radiator is starting to leak, hinting toward it going out. My other sister’s car ended up with a flat tire, & she changed 2 of them. About a week ago, my aunt’s tire started looking low. She kept saying my dad had to fill it up blah blah blah. Right-with ALL that spare time my dad has, after leaving for work at 4:30 AM, & sometimes not getting home until 5:30 or 6 at night, not to mention that by then it is dark, then on his weekends, he’s working on more important car troubles with the family. Me, & my youngest sister kept telling her to take it to our friend’s shop & have them fill it, they could do it in a second. As per her usual, she kept hemming & hawing about it, kept saying she ‘didn’t know what to do’, did she have to call in to make an appointment? Does she just show up? How long will it take? She just got the tires, why is that 1 flat? And only that 1? Mind you, she’s asking me & my youngest sister…it’d be as effective as asking someone is Russia those questions…How the he** do we know? We don’t work there, we are not there or nearby to see how many cars are out front or in the bays…Why not just call him? It doesn’t take long period, it’s just filling up her tire with air. So, finally, after about a week & a half of us just telling her to take it in to him or just call him, she just took it in. Surprise surprise! They did it right away, turns out she ran over a screw & it was in the tire, making it slowly go flat. Well, they plugged it up, refilled the tire, & voila! Maybe 10 minutes  & it is fixed!!! Imagine that!!! 


Speaking of my aunt…she’s been driving me UP THE WALL lately!!! With my youngest sister getting called into work a lot lately, I’ve had to babysit my twin nephews with her…or should I say babysit my twin nephews AND her…1 day, I had 1 of the nephews sitting next to me drinking a bottle (otherwise occupied) & the other had a poopy diaper, which meant she had to change it. She was like ‘do I have to?’ then ‘do I have to do it right now? can’t you do it later?’ Uh…yes you have to change the diaper & change it now…just do it!!! For crying out loud!!! Well, she got all huffy puffy about it, & was like ‘where do I find the diapers & wipes?’ *rolls eyes* The same place they’re always kept…I just said screw it, got up & did it myself. The second I got up, she was all ‘I’ll do it I’ll do it! I SAID I’d do it!’ At that point, I was so annoyed with her, I flat out just told her ‘no,’ that I was up, I’ll do it. I ended up changing every single diaper except 2 diapers this passed 2 weeks…It’s like having to babysit 3 children with her there! It is so annoying! I’d rather not even have her there!!! We have the kitchen cordoned off from where they can play, she was on the kitchen side, while I was on the ‘safe’ side with the nephews. SHE asks ME if I can make her a cup of coffee…as she is standing RIGHT in front of the coffee maker…I’m tired of holding my tongue around her…So I told her no, but she could make it herself, as she is standing right there, & given that she knows where the coffee is, knows where the cups are, knows how to use the coffee machine…I would much prefer babysitting my nephews alone to having her there! Not to mention that they are really good with me (if I don’t say so myself)-I tell them that I don’t want them to fight or be bad boys & they’re good boys. They’re only 19 months, & kids will be kids (especially boys lol) but they are really good boys. Do they have their moments? Yes, but who doesn’t? 


With everything thats been going on, my friends & I have been trying to get together…which has been hard, because it seems like 1 friend always asks to get together during the week, which hasn’t been working best for me, because the car I normally drive can’t be driven at night (well it can, the lights work fine, it’s just the windshield is kind of hazy, you can see out of it just fine in the day, but at night it’s got a glare, so to avoid any dangerous situations…) & then the radiator has started to leak. Not to mention that we never know when my sister or her fiancee will be getting home, or when my dad will be getting home so I can borrow his car or my moms. So many spotty things that depend on the traffic of the day or a change in the schedule…which has been happening a lot between both my sisters. And myself to some extent, but at least with my schedule changes, its pretty well in advance. Theirs always seems to be VERY last minute…not ALL the time, but most of the time. I can’t complain too much because at least they’re working, & I don’t normally mind schedule changes, but when its VERY last minute, & SO MUCH, it gets rather annoying! Another 1 of my best friends has an almost 6 year old in school, so its hard for her to get out during the week as well, with her child being in school & all. She doesn’t normally mind people coming over, but going out creates somewhat of an issue during the week. Well, between that, then me possibly being able to go over to another friends during the week, saying I could drive said friend to other friends-in essence making time for the other friend but not her, created a small issue, & she got her feeling unintentionally hurt. That night in question, I ended up not going anyway due to above stated issues with cars & such. I, also, tried to come over twice to her house to which it ended up not working out, then a 3rd time didn’t work out as she was sick. *rolls eyes* We seem to keep missing each other on this! However, hopefully today, after my laundry dries, I will get over to see said BFF, as all cars seem to be working fine, everyone is home, & we are planning for me to go over…hopefully no snaffu’s!


Lately, I haven’t had time enough to feel anything but stress & just being in that ‘go go go’ attitude. There hasn’t been a second that has not been unaccounted for. I haven’t been sleeping well. It’s just been sooo crazy around here, I just want to go to a very quiet, secluded island for a while…maybe Isle Esme? That is probably way too tropical for me…looking more along the lines of someplace that’s not too cold, but very rainy…no risk of floods or trees falling etc. No drama, just relaxing rain…lots of books, music, maybe some TV-mostly movies, no news, no castle, no shows my aunt will watch! 


Which reminds me! That’s another thing! We’re taking care of the boys, & she HAS to have the TV on, even though my sister says she does not want them watching TV all day, & wants them to watch kid friendly TV (aka cartoons, disney channel, nick, etc)…well, my aunt always whines to change the channel to cooking, or to 1 of her TV shows because the kid friendly stuff is boring & stupid…uuhhh its not boring or stupid, especially to the nephews who don’t already know the stuff…they are babies!!! They haven’t been through school & graduated yet! I watch it with them…yes a lot of it is stuff that I am thinking ‘well, duh!’ BUT it is on a children’s station, it is geared toward children…I don’t mind it because it is for them! BUT she is ALWAYS complaining & nagging to change the channel, turn on cooking, turn on the news, lets see what else is on…Like I said, lately I haven’t been holding back on her. I’ve told her it’s either this, or we turn the TV off…OMG! God FORbid we turn it off, but I have been much to her dismay & nagging. I just tell her that it is what my sister has told us to do, it is what my sister wants. We are here taking care of my sisters children, we have to follow her rules for what she wants for them-simple as that! Oh, then I get that ‘Oh I know, I know’…oh that pisses me off!!! Because she DOESN’T know!!! She doesn’t have kids, has never had kids, has never been in a relationship, never been married…she’s led SUCH a sheltered life…how the f*** does she know? She swears up & down that she changed mine & my sisters diapers when we were little, but in talking with my mom, she NEVER did!!! It was ALWAYS my grandma doing the changing of diapers on us. I know this is going to probably gross a lot of you out, but the only 3 ‘boy parts’ she’s ever seen have been my grandpa’s (when he was sick & dying, & needed taking care of, & even then, she was like ‘I can’t do that, that’s my dad’, & expected my mom-who was his daughter in law, not even RELATED to him!!!-to do it), & my nephews, & only because we’ve MADE her change their diapers. She didn’t know how to put gas in her car until she was about 45 years old, AND only because my sisters & I physically took her down to the gas station, & step by step showed her how to do it. We have to hold her hand for everything. She doesn’t know how to drive out of town (not necessarily that she can, but just may not know the way…she honest to god does NOT know how to) because anytime she’s had to go out of town for anything, my grandpa or someone else has driven her. A couple of times, I’ve had her drive herself, with me telling her how to get there, out of town. OMG!!! I’m surprised we didn’t get into multiple accidents & die!! One time, SHE didn’t listen to me, got in the wrong lane (which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, just keep doing & double back, no biggie) & ended up on the on ramp to the freeway, she panicked, came to a COMPLETE stop on the onramp, & kept saying, ‘but this isn’t where I want to go’. My youngest sister & myself kept telling her to JUST GO!!! It was too late then, to just keep going, we’d get off on the first off ramp & double back around. People were behind her honking. She finally went after like a minute, & we found where we were going just fine. Another time, as I was giving her directions, I’d tell her that about a mile down the road, there is a stop light, not the next 1 coming up, but further down, we have to make a turn in whatever direction we had to go, she’d literally freak out, did a bunch of little swerves, turn on her blinker & be like ‘right here?’ (& some of the time, there was just the middle lane that wasn’t a turn lane, just an open divider, with nowhere to turn into-no driveways or roads or anything on the other side) *rolls eyes* I swear! She’s only driven herself to Santa Rosa twice, & only because she HAD to-she had noone else to drive her there! 1 time was for jury duty, & she made it to the court house, but then was told that there was going to be a break, & then to meet up at another location, to which she didn’t know where it was (even though they gave her directions to the other location) at the beginning, then went shopping & got herself turned around even more, & ended up f-ing up her car & being like 3 hours late to that next location. Then, her car started acting up afterwards, & for the next few months. Her car wouldn’t turn off even though she turned the key off, took it out & got out of the car, or her heater would stay on, or the lights would just suddenly go on. She swore up & down that it started doing that before that famed jury duty trip of hers (which she SAYS she ended up on a mountain, ran over a BIG speed bump-which made a dent in the front bumper that couldn’t have possibly come from a speed bump but more like her running into something pointed, but she swears she didn’t. She has said she had no idea where she ended up, but has sworn she ended up in 4 completely different neighborhoods apart from each other), & kept asking my dad to fix her car & the bumper. Well, my dad kept running it through his machine & nothing was coming up, but that it probably had something to do with the bumper being dented in on some of the wires up there, to which she’d reply that the car had been doing that since before the jury duty trip. He kept telling her that he couldn’t fix her bumper, that she had to take it in to a body shop to do it. All the while, her car kept acting up. She FINALLY took it into a body shop & had it fixed…& the guy asked her if she was having troubles with her car? Why, you ask? Because some of the wires directly behind the bumper were pinched right where it was dented in & up against the frame which could have caused some operating problems with the car…then, after she got it back, good as new, it never acted up again…imagine that!!! My dad, the expert mechanic, was fricking right!!!! That shut her up right quick…


Anyway…I’m all talked out at the moment…hopefully no more drama in the near future!!! 


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