All hell breaks loose

10 Jan

This is hopefully going to be short…

It just feels like everything around me is in an uproar…especially today! I am on the verge of crying. It could be partly because I’m at the end of my period on top of all the uproar. I feel like I’m being out in the corner for doing something bad even though I didn’t. Ok, so I didn’t do a small task asked of me, like doing the dishes, BUT it’s not like I wasn’t doing something else, like taking care of her twin sons. I did take out the garbage, fed & took care of her sons…

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m feeling very out of the circle so to speak. I feel like everyone else gets along, cares for & looks out for each other, but not with me…I feel like I’m the cast off, like nobody cares for or looks out for me. I feel like my 2 sisters are close to each other & I’m the odd man (or woman as the case may be) out. *sighs*

I just am feeling very depressed & feel like crying so much. I just want to have a good few days with no drama, no snafu’s, no fighting…just easy happy days!!! I’m feeling like life has been way to complicated as of late & I’m tired of it…I’m taking a deep breath & hoping tomorrow will be easier.


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