Candles by Victoria

16 Aug

This wonderful candle store I get my candles from is having a blog contest, so here goes! If you want high quality, wonderful smelling candles at a great price, go to

They’ve got all kinds of hand poured candles, & scent shots. For anyone who has no idea what a scent shot is, it’s a small cup (the size of those small plastic cups you get salad dressing in at restaurants) filled with the hand poured candle wax. It’s basically a teaser candle without the wick that you can burn on a wax burner. And, yes, they do sell wax burners as well. I have one & I love it!

Candles by Victoria is family owned, & is names after 1 of the owners-Victoria. All the candles are hand-made, mixed & poured, so needless to say, they are high quality. They have loads of scents ranging from Lei flowers, to apple pie ala mode, to Bella, Edward & Jacob scents, to popular perfume scents like Juicy Couture.

Also, just to let you know before you buy (no, it’s not a bad thing, but a just so you know beforehand). If you notice the shipping fee, you might think it’s steep, but it’s not! It’s a flat rate they charge across the board no matter how much or of what you buy. So my word of advice is do a mass order-you will NOT be sorry!!!

Ok, so they’re having this contest once a month. I think I’ll end it here for this month, next month? Maybe the scents I have &/or have smelled, & my thoughts on them. So, Victoria, if you’re reading this (as I hope you are), you’re awesome! 🙂 I hope everyone has a great day!


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